"When I was introduced to Dr Fink, I was instantly put at ease... Dr Fink answered all of my questions and most importantly he made my son feel comfortable... We had a wonderful experience and would recommend IV sedation to other parents."

"Our 3 year old daughter required anesthesia for her dental procedure today and I could not have asked for a better experience than what we ha today with Dr Fink and his staff. Our daughter was so comfortable and she remembered nothing :)"

Dr Fink was available to speak at any time days prior, answered any silly question and put my mind and even grandmas mind at ease... And most of all they treated my son amazing., He did great. Was back to himself in no time! so very pleased with these wonderful people. Thank you guys so much!"

"I had the privilege of working with r Fink in my Pediatric Dental office.  Dr Fink is the perfect combination of experience, wisdom, an skills, not to mention his awesome bedside manner...I would recommend his anesthesia services to anyone and everyone I know." 

Dr. Frank Maye. Pediatric Dentist. 

Dr Gershon Fink is beyond amazing to work with! He always makes the parents and children comfortable, and always makes a stressful situation very easy for everyone involved. Parents always rave about him, and I am continually impressed with his bedside manner before and during sedations. His calming presence put everyone at ease. I trust him with my patients and with my own children, and would recommend him to anyone!!."

Dr Marcie Young. Pediatric Dentist

Gershon and I have worked together for several years. He is warm, relaxed and friendly, as well as detail oriented, thorough an cautious. His Charm, Charisma and confidence makes patients and parents relax during what could be a very stressful experience. His care has allowed me to take care of many children that would either have to be hospitalized or struggle through difficult oral sedations. I recommend him without reservations."

Dr Mark Webman. Pediatric Dentist

More Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Gershon as our office-based IV sedation provider for several years. Most importantly, Gershon is a knowledgeable and skilled anesthesia provider with an excellent safety record. He is easily accessible for consults and case management so that we can provide comfortable and safe procedures for even our most fearful young patients. He has such a confident and positive demeanor that immediately puts patients and parents at ease. He is extremely well-liked by patients and staff. I can offer my highest recommendation for use of his services.

Dr Kelly Magher. Pediatric Dentist. University of Florida-Pediatric Dentistry.

This is a small sample of our many glowing testimonials. We will be sharing many more testimonials soon.




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