IV Sedation for kids during dental procedures in Dallas &surrounding areas.

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We now work with offices in Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Cedar Hill, Grand Prairie and Frisco. We are expanding to other locations in the DFW area. 

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About us

Our team

Our anesthesiologist is fellowship trained in Pediatric Anesthesia. He has extensive experience in office based pediatric dental anesthesia. Dr Fink will be with your child throughout the procedure. Miriam is available to answer all your questions on scheduling and billing.

Our history

Dr Fink has lectured in both academic and clinical settings on safe office anesthesia for children. He has been taking care of many children in office settings. Please see our testimonial section (by clicking on testimonials on the top of this page) for parent's and dentist's feedback.

Our mission

Pediatric anesthesia is a family experience. Our goal is to give both your child and you a calm and positive experience. 

Our service is unique

Why do kids, parents, and pediatric dentists love our service?

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